Our faucet has an light version of the miner of Coinhive, you only have to make 512 hashes to claim the reward. The income from the miner goes to recharge the balance of the faucet. Please, visit the page as long as possible and help our faucet to be online a long time, so you can make more BTC from it, you can make reality the big dream we have. Thank you in advance.


Faucet H-BUX

Faucet with a H

Balance: 33536 satoshi

5 (93.4%), 10 (5%), 25 (2%), 50 (0.5%), 100 (< 0.1%) satoshi every 15 minutes.

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Recent Payouts

26.09.2018 00:56:58
1FS34XEx3BHz3kyeAT4eiEzfisVYFC4Sa35 satoshi
25.09.2018 06:57:31
1FS34XEx3BHz3kyeAT4eiEzfisVYFC4Sa35 satoshi

Reflink: https://hentaibux.xyz/?r=Your_Address

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